Congratulations Bill!

On behalf of the whole Studio Element Team, we would like to congratulate Rockstar of the Year, Bill Hippard! Bill has been training at Studio Element for the past 2 years and all of the trainers agree that he has made incredible gains. After many injuries and surgeries Bill was ready to come to the studio and get back in shape and get back to a healthy life style. With the help of his trainer, Levi, he was able to achieve his goals for 2016 and is excited as ever for what he can accomplish in 2017. “Bill not only works hard in the studio, but he is consistently motivated in all aspects of his life. His drive, determination, and mental toughness are just a few characteristics that attribute to his success.” -Levi Lanpher

Why did you decide to train at Studio Element and what was your first impression?

“After being very athletic and active my entire life, I broke my back in 2007. Due to the injury and subsequent surgery, I unfortunately had a year or so of forced rest, and gained a bunch of weight. The weight gain led to a less active lifestyle, and last summer, I finally decided to start the journey to get back into the shape I’m used to being in.”

What were your fitness/nutrition goals in 2016?

“My goals were to lose body fat, and increase my energy levels, while maintaining my strength. And of course to be as healthy as possible eating a clean diet.”

How has Studio Element supported you and your goals over the past year?

“Studio Element is a great place to train, with great people. The knowledge of the staff is impressive, and it is a fun place to go. I am proud to call the staff my friends! Setting my goals and meeting them by adhering to a strict schedule was the most important factor  that Studio Element was instrumental in.”

What are you looking forward to in 2017?

“My goal for 2017 is to continue on the same path. Lose another 15 or so pounds, push myself to hit more all time highs in strength, and continue the same enthusiasm and nutrition that helped in 2016.”



Bill and Levi

Written by: Sarah Browning

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