During the entire month of August, Studio Element will be having promotions based around referrals. We love serving you and are looking to create more inspiring stories for your friends and family! We are searching for:
– those who have tried “everything” and can’t seem to find what works for them
– those looking for solutions for long-term success
– those who need the support, education, and motivation needed to make fitness a keystone habit

As always, you will receive one free session for each referral that comes in. The person with the most referrals by the end of August will receive 5 additional FREE hour long sessions plus a FREE month of our new Nutrition program- Fuel Plus!

To help facilitate and make the process of referring easier, we will be having a “Buddy Week” during the first week of August- 8/1- 8/6. During this week, you can bring as many buddies to your workout as you would like and introduce them to our style of personal training. If they decide to come back for a complimentary session on their own, you get a FREE session!

Written by: Jay Siefert

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