One-on-one, private sessions are the most complete, individualized mode of fitness training and our specialty at Studio Element personal training in St. Louis. When you work privately with one of our highly educated certified personal trainers, you will experience the highest degree of safety and effectiveness. The progression of your workouts becomes more defined as we motivate and guide you to safely reach beyond your normal limits. Ultimately, your workout plan reflects your unique personal abilities, limitations and goals.

What makes us different:


  • Every Studio Element team member has a minimum of a 4 year exercise-related degree.

    We pride ourselves on having educated staff who use scientifically proven methods to provide real results.

  • We encompass the “coaching” mentality.

    We understand that there is more to success than just training with us several times per week. Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your goals even when you’re not in the studio. We provide the knowledge and guidance for our clients to be successful and progress during both training sessions and daily life.

  • We provide a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere.

    Our goal is to provide a comfortable atmosphere for all of our clients to progress and grow regardless of fitness level. Whether you’re a seasoned exerciser looking for new strategies to improve fitness or completely new to any sort of exercise, you will feel comfortable and encouraged at Studio Element.

  • We are the only facility in the St. Louis area to have access to a 3D body scanner.

    Our scanner measures body fat percent and body measurements. This allows us to more accurately assess health risk factors and determine appropriate calorie recommendations that are individualized to you. While standard methods of determining body fat percent can tend to be inaccurate, our scanner eliminates human error and allows us easily track improvements in body composition.

Our Process :

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  • Our personal training experts meet with you for a complimentary consultation where they will listen to your struggles, barriers, and your wellness/fitness ambitions.
  • We present a custom-designed program that addresses everything unique to you and that most efficiently utilizes your time and minimizes the risk of injury.
  • You meet your assigned certified personal trainer and complete our detailed fitness evaluation, including strength testing, flexibility testing, blood pressure, heart rate recovery and a full infrared body scan. The body scan provides circumference measurements, body fat percentage and a full 3D model of you. Based on the results, you and your personal trainer set specific, realistic and measurable goals together.
  • During the following months, our trainers are continually evaluating, adjusting, and re-establishing your goals. Complacency or stagnation are often the biggest pitfalls to long term success. The personal trainers at Studio Element know when to make program adjustments to ensure continual progression. As your body changes, your program must be adjusted to reflect this.

We ask that our clients put their trust in our process and our trainers. It is true that what works for one, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Our team of Personal Trainers and Registered Dietitians have years of experience in training, coaching, and finding the right solution to creating a success story for you.

Please remember that quick fixes do work, but often only temporarily. Real, long-lasting results tend to be a little slower, but have a much higher rate of being permanent.

Trust in the process and be consistent!