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As personal trainers, we believe that safety is one of the most important aspects of our jobs. Some personal trainers get consumed in progressing too quickly to the point that they sacrifice form in order to rush results or move heavier weights. As a personal trainer, quality always comes first with our clients to reduce the risk of injury. By taking all of the proper steps, we are ensuring that form is perfect and that you are protecting yourself. Think of form as the the foundation of a house. Without the proper foundation, the more you build upon it will only result in disaster.

There is too much risk involved with trying to move to quickly with a client. As a personal trainer, we like to think of ourselves as artists and we want to create the most wonderful masterpiece ever. Like a masterpiece, proper results takes time and consistency to create. Everyone loves seeing results and reaching their goals, but where do we drawn the line as personal trainers? We must draw the line from the start to ensure we deliver the best results possible.

As a personal trainer at Studio Element, delivering quality results to our clients  our top priority. When our clients believe and trust in what we do it will make for a stronger relationship down the road. By teaching and developing quality movements we, as personal trainers can then begin to progress our clients in a safe and effective manner.

Looking at the big picture in the long run, having a solid foundation is the key. Personal trainers must ensure that our client’s foundation is the strongest piece of all.

Written by: stdele

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