Nicole Fears


Nicole Fears

B.S Exercise Science,
Southeast Missouri State

American College of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer

Being physically fit is not something that should be looked at as a temporary goal but as a lifestyle. Taking care of your body is not only giving a gift to yourself but to others around you. It makes you happier, gives you confidence, and leads to more energy. It can be intimidating to take the first steps but that is where a trainer can step in. We are passionate about what we do and will give you the tools you need to give it 100% and have long term success.

I decided to become a personal trainer because I have always loved to stay active and participate in athletic endeavors. I remember the games I use to play and how tired I felt after. Looking back, I realize how good it felt to be accomplishing something, winning races, and improving myself. This is something I love helping others achieve. Some don’t realize that if they start to exercise, and push hard, they will discover skills and abilities they never knew they had and those things will stay with them as long as they are willing to work to maintain them. Remember-It doesn’t matter how fast you get there and you won’t be the best right away, it is that you will get there if you keep working toward your goals.