Cory Hebbeler

B.S. and M.S. – Exercise Science
Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

I approach training as a tool for optimizing physical performance, improving mental clarity, and enhancing overall quality of life. In life we experience trials on a regular basis. I’m a firm believer in focusing on what you can control, and your fitness is one of those things. No matter its level of severity, an injury or illness can be controlled and improved with proper nutrition and exercise.

Rather it’s a lack of belief in your own ability or an absence of motivation, the hardest obstacle to overcome is one’s self. This is where my passion lies. There’s no greater reward than motivating clients to give their maximum effort. I do this by making my exercise prescription’s fresh and challenging, setting SMART goals, and celebrating accomplishments because they are all significant. One battle doesn’t win the war, but a series of victories can.

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