Online personal training is the future of the fitness industry. Studio Element Online is now bringing that to you! Imagine being able to workout anywhere at anytime while still having the guidance and coaching of an educated personal trainer. Studio Element Online gives you fully personalized exercise programs designed to help you reach your goals on your time. This is NOT a preset, standard workout. Our trainers devote their time and knowledge to provide you with the best exercises and support system for your fitness needs.


This flexible and affordable program offers…

  1. Custom plans for an individualized experience and maximum results

    Quit following the same standardized program as everyone else. With our online training, we focus on what  you want to achieve. Each workout plan is created specifically for you. We work with your individual needs to build strength, avoid injury, and improve overall quality of life. By focusing on your unique needs, we’re able to provide better results.

  2. One-on-one interactions and guidance from a personal trainer

    SE Online won’t leave you guessing. Forget wondering if you’re executing a move correctly or if you’re using enough weight. Your personal trainer will work with you to make sure you understand proper form and are using exercises that are challenging enough to produce results.

  3. Freedom to train on your own time

    Perhaps the best part of online personal training is the immense freedom and flexibility it provides. Work out on your own time without having to worry about scheduling. Online training makes exercise portable and easy to complete anywhere. Whether you travel often, have a hectic schedule, or just want to save a little bit of money, SE online training makes it easy to stay in shape.

  4. Trackable workouts that are easy to modify to any situation

    The most motivating part of exercising is being able to see your progress. Our online training app makes this easy. The mobile app allows for easy tracking of repetitions and weight as you go along in your workout.

    Need to make modifications to your workout plan? Not a problem. Your workouts can easily be modified to fit your daily needs.

  5. In-app messaging that allows for feedback and 24/7 communication with trainers

    Getting feedback is essential to progress.   With any exercise program, there will undoubtedly be questions. Perfect your exercise regime, get advice, and receive feedback. All the answers you need are available when you need them with 24/7 communication with your trainer.

  6. Affordable pricing that allows for an increased number of trainer-guided workouts

    Working out with a personal trainer can be tough for those with a smaller budget, but it doesn’t have to be. Online training makes it both easy and affordable to still work closely with a personal trainer while saving on costs. Personalized workout plans are now more afforadble than ever.

Think online training is the right fit for you? What are you waiting for!