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When it comes to making a health-related lifestyle change, most individuals decide to start with incorporating exercise or by changing their nutritional habits, but rarely do they actively engage in both. Much of the available research as well as anecdotal evidence from our most successful clients demonstrate the importance of incorporating both proper exercise and proper eating habits to achieve long lasting success.

At Studio Element, we pride ourselves in helping you achieve and surpass your health related goals through creating customized, individualized diet and exercise plans. Our Registered Dietitians will build on your knowledge of healthy eating and formulate a plan that will fit into your already busy schedule. Just as our Personal Trainers keep you accountable to your workouts, our Registered Dietitians are there to keep you on track with your nutrition. More importantly, we will work to get you back on track when needed and refine your plan to minimize future nutritional obstacles.

Studio Element Offers an answer.


  • One Visit Per Month (in person or Skype) with our registered Dietitian
  • Customized, evolving nutrition and mindset game plan
  • Continual, updated needs analysis and modifications
  • Healthie App Mobile Access with real-time feedback

Our Studio Element Registered Dietitians specialize in:

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Gain
  • General Healthy Eating
  • Mindset Coaching

What to expect at your first consult:

  • Discussion of typical dietary habits
  • Individualized daily plan of attack
  • Goal Setting
  • Question & Answer session

When to call a Dietitian:

  • You are working out, but not seeing results.
  • You have low energy and think it could be related to your eating.
  • You are an emotional eater and it is causing you to gain weight or not lose weight.
  • Your weight is fluctuating and you are not sure why.
  • You are addicted to sugar and want to know about healthier sources of energy.



*Results vary from person to person.