Stay at Home Workout

Too cold to go outside? Has the ice trapped you in your home and you can’t get to the studio? Not to worry! Here is a personal trainer certified total body workout you can do at home with no equipment needed. All you’ll need is a couch, stairs, and a

How to Workout With Out a Personal Trainer

You read that title correctly, here is everything you need to work out WITHOUT a personal trainer. Although all of our trainers are from diverse educational and fitness backgrounds, we all have a similar process when it comes to creating a workout program that is individualized to each of our clients.

Studio Element Referral Month

During the entire month of August, Studio Element will be having promotions based around referrals. We love serving you and are looking to create more inspiring stories for your friends and family! We are searching for: – those who have tried “everything” and can’t seem to find what works for