How to Workout With Out a Personal Trainer

You read that title correctly, here is everything you need to work out WITHOUT a personal trainer. Although all of our trainers are from diverse educational and fitness backgrounds, we all have a similar process when it comes to creating a workout program that is individualized to each of our clients.

Resting Right- from a Personal Trainer in St. Louis

Those who are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve their health often start with basic diet and exercise programs. They may even seek out the professional help of a certified personal trainer, or registered dietitian to help them reach their goals. With the aid of these experts, reaching

How to Make the Most of Personal Training in St. Louis

1. Develop a relationship. You want to be comfortable and have fun with your personal trainer. It will make the workouts that much better and can motivate you to show up. 2. Show up on time. This could throw your personal trainer’s workout plan completely off. Many trainers want their clients to