For most of us, having a personal trainer is something we think only wealthy people can afford. The truth is, yes, personal training can be pricey, BUT there are ways to make it affordable when on a tight budget.


At Studio Element, we offer Groupons all year round for new, first time clients. Purchasing a Groupon will allow you to save money on your first couple of sessions and also allow you to get a feel of the studio and your trainer and see if it’s a good fit. After you finish a Groupon you can move on to one of the following options…

Partner Training

Training with a partner will allow you to cut the price of training in half.  It is slightly less personalized but is still a great option. Partner training will still allow your trainer to give you the attention you need and provide any necessary modifications.  Your accountability is increased and you have a extra partner for support!

30 minute Training

This is another great option if you’re on a budget. This option is quick and you don’t have to share your session. Your 30 minute session will allow your trainer to focus on you and give any needed modifications. Not only do you get a quick, efficient workout, you also get additional guidance from your trainer on what you should be doing outside of the studio.  This option takes the time and money excuse out of not working out!


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Written by: Nicole Fears

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