Kettlebell training is a great way to add variety to your workout. Kettlebells come in various styles and weights, they are functional, and also portable. They can be a fun and affordable addition to bodyweight exercises and most of all, people of all ages and exercise levels can use them. Here are some tips if you are new to kettlebell training:


Keep it simple at first

There are many different exercises you can do with kettlebells that can possibly overwhelm a beginner. When searching for exercises, you might see such things as “swings” and “cleans” but just start with the basics. Start by picking an exercise you already do, and then add in a kettlebell. If you do bodyweight squats, try holding a kettlebell in front of you chest for added resistance. Maybe you want to target your back, then you can use the kettlebell to do bent over rows. Chances are, if you use dumbbells to do a certain exercise, you can replace it with a kettlebell.


Watch that form!

Kettlebells can be a very versatile piece of equipment BUT just like with any other exercise equipment, it is very important to use correct form when using them to prevent injury. You might be tempted to go with a heavy weight to get a better workout, but it can cause you to do the exercise incorrectly. It is better to start out with a weight that is too light and perfect your form, then to use a weight that is too heavy for you.


How many do you need?

Since kettlebells vary in weight just like dumbbells, you’ll need to adjust the weight depending on the type of exercise. For example, if you’re working your triceps, the weight should be much lighter then what you use for squats. You can use one kettlebell for an entire workout if needed but it is better to use varying weights if possible. When buying kettlebells, try to buy one for upper body exercises and then a heavier one for lower body. So, if you can only afford one, try to get a weight that falls in the middle of those two; you can always increase or decrease reps as needed.


In conclusion, Kettlebells can be a great option for beginners and even experts because of their versatility. Kettlebells are also relatively inexpensive for amount of exercises you can perform with them. Youtube can be a helpful resource for kettlebell exercises.



Written by: Nicole Fears

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