Success Story:

Mary’s primary care physician told her that she had never seen anybody as deficient in every nutrient. Mary began to think about a new life plan. “It’s no wonder I had gained so much weight, my diet was terrible and there was very little physical activity.” She quit smoking, adopted a better diet, and turned to Studio Element for assistance in getting healthy. Now, 50 pounds lighter, making better food choices, and a stronger and more toned body, Mary feels so much better and her numbers (weight, nutrients, cholesterol, bone density) are much improved.


“One of the keys to my weight loss/get fit success is the support and encouragement I received from the the trainers at Studio Element. Drawing from their knowledge, whether it be nutrition advice, improving cardio endurance, strength training, toning, etc. has helped me to achieve and maintain my fitness goals. Thank you all you guys do!”

*Results vary from person to person.

Written by: Alex Wolk