Success Story:

Josh lost nearly 30 pounds, his body fat percentage has dropped, he can plank twice as long AND has lowered his heart rate by 43 beats per minute. All of this was accomplished in a 3 month period! Because of Josh’s dedication and tremendous success, he became the winner of the second installment of the 2012 “Smallest Winner” competition!!


“My experience at the Studio Element was amazing. One of my favorite parts were the homework assignments that I got each week. It actually helped spark my interest in running. Mostly due to the homework, I started running at speed and distances I never dreamed possible. Because of this, I am now considering a half marathon.”

“Another thing I enjoyed was the studio routine. It was always creative and kept my interest. When I worked out at the studio, the hour just flys by. One of the things I enjoyed most, was walking into the studio at 6am and hearing (and feeling) the loud thumpa thumpa of the music. It sounds weird I’m sure. But there was something about walking early in the morning seeing all the people, hearing the music, etc. It was exciting!”

*Results vary from person to person.

Written by: Alex Wolk