Success Story:

Adrienne came to Studio Element to make some serious changes. She is a prime example of someone who takes changes of their lifestyle change. The staff at Studio Element provided the education, guidance, and some inspiration, but Adrienne took it upon herself to MAKE it happen! After months of Fit Camp and Private training, she is down over 45 pounds. She also reached the top of two different rock climb routes, which was one of her personal goals.


“Thank you, Leach, for the “therapy” and giving me my shot at Art Hill at fit camp. Thank you, Katie Mc., for making me want to dash like a warrior at Saturday fit camp. Thank you, Jay, and all the Studio Element Team, for all the inspiration you gave me and your clients. But above all, thank you Trainer, Adam Shores, for teaching me that 38 is not old, and I can still climb, run, bike, lift, throw, jump, pull, and most of all – live. If you didn’t save my life, you added at least 10 years to it, and I will always be grateful. “

*Results vary from person to person.

Written by: Alex Wolk