Those who are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve their health often start with basic diet and exercise programs. They may even seek out the professional help of a certified personal trainer, or registered dietitian to help them reach their goals. With the aid of these experts, reaching fitness and nutritional goals can be achieved much more efficiently, however; doing your part outside of the gym is important too. With a focus on nutrition and exercise, many people often forget an important aspect to living healthy—and that is rest.

Rest not only helps the body repair the wear and tear of muscle tissue from exercise, but also the stress of everyday life. You cannot perform to your full potential, reap the optimal gains from your hard work from the gym, and build upon your progress without taking a break. Doctors recommend that those who train hard get an extra hour of sleep a night. With extra sleep benefits such as improved speed, accuracy, and reaction times, the overall well-being and development of the physical abilities of the individual will improve. Developing a healthy sleeping schedule and implementing it as much as possible, will help you in many ways.

In addition to getting enough sleep after working hard with your personal trainer, taking rest days and waiting 48 hours in between training the same muscle groups will help develop more muscular strength and muscle mass. With a personal trainer to help guide you, you can be sure to avoid over training. Over training can lead to increased fatigue, increased resting heart rate, and in many cases, even injury—as described by a personal trainer in St. Louis.
Staying active and eating right is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you reap the rewards for all of your hard work and rest enough at night. Work with a fitness coach or personal trainer to get the right type of training to benefit your goals—without over training. You already eat clean and train hard, do not forget to rest thoroughly! Your body will thank you for it.

Written by: Jay Siefert

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