Thirty minute workouts are fast and efficient and can be greatly beneficial to help increase strength and fat burning. Thirty-minute workouts won’t have the same effect as full hour workouts, but they may be a better option for you if time is a concern. They are easy to fit in your schedule, are cost efficient, and will improve consistency. The workout tempo is generally increased, yet the benefits aren’t cut in half. The energy output will increase greatly with shorter rest periods. The workouts will consist of circuits to increase calorie burn and to raise the heart rate.

Depending on your fitness level, your exercise time will be between 20 to 40 seconds with rest periods between 20 to 30 seconds between sets. This option can also be a way new exercisers can ease their way into exercise before eventually transitioning to a program with more time commitment. Consistency will also improve with thirty minute sessions because it is clear that showing up on time and working hard is essential. If you are ready for a workout that is fun, fast, and efficient then thirty-minute workouts will work great for you!

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Written by: Jay Siefert

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