1.  Make Wise Food Choices

Check out all ofhappy-new-year-985711_640 the food first and determine the foods you can skip and the foods you must have.  Fill your plate with low calorie foods first. Things like veggies and salad take up a lot of room on your plate and in your stomach. Choosing veggies and hummus over chips and dip can save you an easy 150 calories.

Eat a small serving of the foods you can’t live without. You don’t want to wake up tomorrow and regret not having even one of Aunt Suzy’s famous chocolate cookies. The feeling of deprivation does not lead to long term success.

When making your plate, serve yourself small tablespoon servings and remind yourself there is no such thing as seconds, no matter what.

2.  Move Away From the Food

Everyone knows the party happens in the kitchen around the food. Even before the meal is served standing around the appetizers can be a dangerous zone of mindless hand to mouth snacking. If you have determined you can not live without some appetizers, make a small plate of the must haves and move away from the food.

Only eat food that you have put on your plate. This will decrease the mindless hand to mouth calories. The same technique can be used for the meal.

Choosing a small salad plate can decrease your calorie intake by as much as 40%. You will feel satisfied after eating a full plate of your favorite foods and won’t miss the extra calories.

After your dinner plate is made, step away from the food. Focus on enjoying the company and conversations of friends and family without standing next to the food. It is just too tempting, especially if you have had any alcohol.

3.  Bring Food You Know You Can Eat

Instead of bringing a bottle of wine, why not bring a healthy-ish dish you know you can nosh on and not feel guilty. It does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Here are some of my favorites: A veggie tray with hummus, Pomegranate Brussel Sprouts, Quinoa Salad with Pecans and CranberriesCranberry Sauce Cream Cheese Dip with Candied Pecans

Written by: Leah Hammel

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