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St Louis Personal Training

Studio Element Personal Training in St. Louis will give you the tools and workouts you need to transform your life. Stay with our program and get results!

Studio Element Personal Training is one of the premier personal training organizations in St. Louis.

Have you ever considered getting back in shape, but don’t know the first step in finding the right personal trainer? Maybe you just want to shed a few pounds and tighten up problem areas to build confidence and energy. Well, look no further. Studio Element offers certified personal coaches in St. Louis, men and women who are dedicated to helping you get into the best shape in your life!

Many people have struggled to reach their desired physical goals, opting to work hand in hand with personal trainers who understand fitness and conditioning. Some just need that extra motivation, that extra push from a professional. We provide that push, plus the guidance to ensure you’re reaching your goals the right way.

We have many satisfied clients who regularly visit our studio to achieve results they may have struggled to reach on their own. The team of dedicated certified Personal Fitness Trainers at Studio Element can help you get there. We provide expert nutritional counseling from an onsite dietician, offering hands-on training and nutrition programs that complement each other perfectly. Whether your goal is weight loss, gaining muscle mass, or building strength and endurance, the staff at Studio Element Personal Training will work with you to get results.

Our convenient location in St. Louis grants easy access for client from the entire city of St. Louis, as well as Clayton, Brentwood, Richmond Heights, Ladue, and Frontenac.


Monday-Friday 5:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM
PHONE NUMBER :314-623-9904

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Nutrition Advice

Most popular diets and nutrition.

No wellness program is complete without proper nutrition. It is important to formulate a plan that will improve your health and satisfy your nutritional needs, which is why we employ top-tier nutritionists to supplement our expert personal trainers.